How Honesty May Not Be Enough

The Impact of Honesty

In this video I talk about honesty and how honesty on its own may not be enough to leave a lasting impact. While it’s true that honesty is very important for those conversations, we must be mindful that honesty doesn’t stand on its own. We must combine it with integrity (care, compassion, doing the right things for people) to have a more positive impact.

The #1 Blind Spot In Leadership

When I start working with a new organization I often do an environmental scan to determine possible weak points that need to be addressed. Often times I would find that leaders over use their strengths within the team. Acknowledging our strengths and using them when the situation dictates is important, however, our strengths don’t fit every senario. For instance, a very decisive person may be viewed by some as a rule breaker or reckless, a Read more…

Blind Spots In Leadership
dont give up

Align Your Reasons With Your Goals

Don’t Give Up Have you ever felt like giving up? Wished you had more time and energy throughout the day? In this video, I talk about having powerful reasons to carry you through the roughest of times. I believe that no matter the setback you are facing right now if you have a powerful enough reason to push you through to the end, you will find a way.

Canisius Hockey Takes The Circle of Impact Challenge

Canisius hockey team takes on the Circle of Impact Challenge! It has been an absolute pleasure working with Canisius men’s hockey team. I wish you all the best for the future! The Circle of Impact Challenge The latest COVID-19 epidemic has forced people to distance themselves from each other and has consequently impacted our ability to connect with those whom we care about. What if I told you that you could still connect on an Read more…

Canisius Hockey
Earn Trust and Respect

How Leaders Earn Trust and Respect

In this video, I talk about how leaders can earn trust and respect from people around them.

A common misconception among leaders is that they view trust and respect as a goal. For instance one might say, “if only I had the trust and respect of my team, then things would be perfect!”

The fact of the matter is trust and respect is not an end state. It’s a daily grind that leaders must EARN each and every day.

It’s not what you say, it’s what they understand

Your team’s biggest challenge today may have nothing to do with an external competitor. Your biggest challenge may be an inability to communicate effectively. Quote by Robert McCloskey: “I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.” Principle: As a leader, you’ve acquired a great deal of knowledge in mastering your craft, experienced many practical Read more…

It's not what you say, it's what they understand
Stand firm on your shaky legs

Stand Firm on your Shaky Legs

When our grandson Henry was beginning to stand on his own, it was obvious that he wanted to walk independently. He showed a curiosity and passion for walking. The challenge he faced was that his legs were as shaky as we had ever witnessed in all our years of parenting. Along with our daughter Robyn and Spencer (our son-in-law), we kept a very close eye on Henry, fearing he would fall and hurt himself. In Read more…

Fencing in or fencing out

Farmers who expand their fence lines increase their potential! It is said that bankers preferred loaning money to farmers who were expanding their operations, rather than maintaining or downsizing them. Approving expansion loans was not the safest option for banks, however they learned that ambitious farmers had a view of the future that many people hadn’t yet seen. Rather than judging people who are doing something different, perhaps we should ask the questions: “What am Read more…

Fencing-in or fencing-out?
Become your best self

Becoming your Best Self

To reach the best version of ourselves requires 4 distinct actions: 1- Decision: To “cut-out” everything and everyone that doesn’t bring us closer to our goal. 2- Commitment: To resist the temptation to allow the “cut-outs” back into our day. 3- Discipline: Taking the uphill road that is less travelled. The right way! 4- Get up & go: Do it. Do it now. Do it today! To “become your best self” will require a focus Read more…

Get a GRIP!

I’ve studied high performers in business and sport for a very long time. As a starting point or foundation for today’s principle, I’d like to suggest that no matter what your experience is in leadership, performance is driven by people. The following is an amazing people principle for you to consider. Principle: GRIP it to win it! When your team is preparing for an opportunity or under pressure due to a challenge, clarity of mission Read more…

Get A Grip On Your Leadership