Marc Guevremont is a husband, father of 5 beautiful children and grandfather of 3!

He’s an entrepreneur who followed his curiosities, ideas and dreams in business, sport and life. His journey included successes and failures, which have all contributed towards amazing stories and lessons learned in leadership.

Over the past 24 years, he’s been coaching leaders in business, government and sport sectors. During this time, he’s developed tools and systems to help leaders achieve their goals and objectives.

“When leaders aren’t sure how to get started, they look for a template, a process or a proven methodology to get going”.

Do you know how to…

  • Hire the right people
  • Build a winning culture
  • Assess what’s really going on
  • Build process maps
  • Apply time management principles to find efficiencies
  • Set the right priorities
  • Develop skill
  • Implement change
  • Have a difficult conversation
  • Etc.

We have the answers to those questions…and more!

Want team building solutions?

Marc is also the co-owner of Coaching 2 Connect . He has developed communication and relationship building platforms to help organizations create a cohesive performance culture, that drives consistent results.

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