Actually….. it’s not about us, it’s about you!

If you’re reading this, it means you’ve spent time researching leadership. Unfortunately you’ve also had to filter through a lot of noise and fluff. You’ve read books and reviewed leadership models and realized that most them are based on the “guru’s” life story – perspectives seen through their own personality style.

Upon reflection, you begin to see their approach is described mostly as “WHAT” they did, but it doesn’t really explain “HOW” they did it with any level of detail. You’re left wondering how it can possibly work for you.

Leadership coaches often fall into the trap of talking about their stories, perspectives and are happy to find your blindspots (weaknesses). We, at Marc Guevremont Consulting Inc., don’t focus on blindspots; we build your leadership impact through strengths and actionable behaviors.

Remember: It’s not about them, it’s about YOU! We’ll equip you with the frameworks, behaviors and skills needed to:

  • Build a values-based culture
  • Communicate effectively with each personality style
  • Set high standards and expectations
  • Evaluate individual performance
  • Set the right priorities
  • Develop skill
  • Implement change
  • Have difficult conversations

We are different! We’ll share the HOW; the frameworks, behaviors and skills we’ve learned from working with the best leaders out there! We know what you can be better for your team, because we understand how to do it.

The good news? Anyone can learn and apply our frameworks, behaviors and skills. You could be better for your team starting today!

We offer leaders proven tools and systems to help them get going in the right direction.Whawew