I’ve studied high performers in business and sport for a very long time. As a starting point or foundation for today’s principle, I’d like to suggest that no matter what your experience is in leadership, performance is driven by people. The following is an amazing people principle for you to consider.

Principle: GRIP it to win it!

When your team is preparing for an opportunity or under pressure due to a challenge, clarity of mission is what helps win the day. Without clarity, people tend to hesitate or worse, disengage completely due to anxiety, fear or frustration.

Application: Leaders must ensure everyone on the team is rowing the boat in the same direction.

Ask questions of each team member to ensure they understand what is expected from them and how their service contributes to better team cohesion and performance.

Get a GRIP!????

Goals: knowing what we are doing and why that’s important.

Roles: willingly accepting our assignments and delivering on them with pride.

Interpersonal Connections: wanting our teammates to be successful because we genuinely care for them.

Process: agreeing with the game plan – believing it is our protection and shield.

When chasing an opportunity or recovering from a setback, leaders need to get a GRIP!