1 on 1 - Thinking Partner

Sometimes you just need someone to help you rationalize a few ideas or create a suitable approach for your team. Other times you need to improve yourself to have more influence with others

Online Sport Coach Program

A team development program that engages and helps everyone.
Fastest way to implement positive change.


Leadership skills are essential to producing better results

Leadership is the foundation of winning

AVERAGE coaches use quotes, GOOD coaches have a plan and ELITE coaches have a leadership and character development system. Winning teams have great leaders!

“Character is what moves a team’s talent into action…to create desired results.”

If you don’t have a process for developing character and leadership strengths, you may be overlooking the driving force behind what moves your team’s talent into action.

Not sure how develop leadership and character skills? We can help!

We understand that leading people is tough!

We recognize that as a leader, you want to be respected for what you know, appreciated for what you do and liked for who you are. In order to accomplish that, you need approaches that are tailored for your unique leadership style and the character makeup of your team.

The problem? You won’t find the recipe for success in a book or on the internet, so stop looking online for ideas or answers that won’t work.

They don’t know you, they don’t know your team and they don’t care about your team’s success!

Stop struggling on your own! 

Learn to connect with each personality

It’s tough leading a team because every team member is different. What works for one, doesn’t always work for another.

When people get emotional, upset or disengaged, it may feel like you’re spending more time counselling rather than leading. The solution is to embrace each personality and teach them how to connect with each other. It’s the only chance you have at creating a performance environment!  

We know how to do it and we can help you implement it for your team quickly.

Learn from our 24 years experience working with teams in business, sport and government.

Inspire people with your WHY!

Vision: A coach in sports can paint an inspiring picture of the future, by describing what it will feel like to win a national championship. By sharing the story of WHAT they are trying to accomplish and WHY it is important, coaches help each team member form an emotional connection to their vision and mission.

“A team that’s not emotionally connected is never really physically prepared”. Marc Guevremont

In business, it’s no different! If you’re struggling to craft an engaging vision of the future, or perhaps having trouble getting the team to buy in, we can help!

“When leaders aren’t sure how to get started, they look for a template, a process, or a proven methodology to get going.”

Over the past 24 years, Marc has been coaching leaders in business, government, and sports sectors. During this time he has developed tools and systems to help leaders achieve their goals and objectives.